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Sizzling Hot

Slots and slot games are that part of the world of casino adventure that relies entirely on the luck of the actor. People like this type of game precisely because of the sense of unpredictability they carry. Seemingly harmless, slots can bring you big and enviable profits. The drums spin, the symbols change and it all depends on the chance.

If you’re looking for just that feeling of ignorance about what’s going to happen, the Sizzling Hot slot game is exactly what you need. Although it is virtual, the slot machine will mentally transport you to a luxury casino while you actually stay at home and relax.

Rules of the game Sizzling Hot

As with any other slot game, to start playing Sizzling Hot, you must place a bet. The bet is set for one whole line, which varies in the range of 5 to 100 virtual coins in the free version of the game. This means that you can bet a total of 500 coins on all five lines in the game. The bet is easily changed using the “+” and “-” signs, which you will find at the bottom of the game. You can keep track of the amount you have at the bottom left of the screen. The game provides an initial balance of 5,000 coins. It is up to you to multiply them.

After placing a bet, you can start the game with the “Start” button. He spun the drums once. After the rotation is complete, you must repeat the procedure. If you are confident in your bet and know that you will not change it several times in a row, you can take advantage of the “Autoplay” function, which spins the lines automatically.

To make a profit, you need to hit as many identical symbols as possible. When this happens, you have the opportunity to press the “Gamble” button. What exactly he does, you will find in the section with the bonuses of the game.

Sizzling Hot is one of the most classic representatives of fruit slots, known to fans of casino games. The demo version of the game is designed for fun, feeling the emotions of spinning the drum, as well as a better understanding of the game in order to build a winning strategy to help you implement it in the game with real money.

Sizzling Hot combines all the features of the classic slot machine – traditional design, but in the case of updated graphics, classic sounds that easily attract attention and beautiful and bright color combinations. The popularity and success of the game Sizzling Hot have long been known, making it a preferred option for both newcomers immersed in casino adventures and already experienced ones!

In a game like Sizzling Hot, which is not famous for many bonuses and additional ways to win, the amount won depends entirely on the bet made. From the Paytable menu you will easily find visualized information that shows you all the possible winnings that you can get by hitting a certain number of characters on the screen. 5 scatter symbols can fall extremely rarely, but they will always bring you a profit of 250,000 coins. And if you are lucky enough to hit 5 of the most important symbols in the game – the weeks – then you will win as many as 500,000 coins. And that would be an indescribable emotion!

Casino Games gives you access to the free demo version of Sizzling Hot. You can play in it as much as you want. It is important to distinguish between the demo version and the original version of the game. The demo version allows you to experience the thrill of spinning drums without betting real money and therefore without being able to win real profits. If you want to bet real money, you need to find a licensed online casino that offers you suitable playing conditions.

The Kazino Igri website lists licensed casinos where you can play Sizzling Hot for real money. Palms Bet, Winbet and Bwin are among the most recommended casinos, and they are famous for their high popularity both among regular players and among new ones. Characteristically, they offer high and generous starting bonuses, with which to ensure the first few spins of the drums. You will find out what the bonuses are on the Kazino Igri website. Remember to always trust only proven casinos. This way you protect yourself from fraud and ensure an exciting and interesting game!

Types of characters in the game Sizzling Hot

As a classic fruit slot machine, it is not surprising that the main characters in the game are fruits. You will find lemons, plums, oranges, grapes, watermelons and, of course, cherries. They all bring you certain amounts depending on how many times they have fallen since the spin. To take advantage of these symbols, you need to have at least 3 symbols falling on the fixed lines. This rule applies only to the cherry, which will bring you a generous profit even with 2 symbols on the fixed lines.

The scatter in this game is visualized in the form of a star. And the classic and well-known slot week fan is a coveted symbol in Sizzling Hot. It guarantees you a multiplication of up to 1,000 times the original bet.

Sizzling Hot Slot Bonuses

За разлика от по-модерните ротативки на пазара, играта Sizzling Hot не предоставя твърде много бонуси. Разбира се, производителите на играта не пропускат да добавят най-често срещания бонус за повечето слот игри – възможността за залагане на печалбата. Какво точно представлява това? Когато ударите някаква печалба в играта, пред вас стои възможността да изберете дали да съберете печалбата, или да се опитате да я удвоите. За да удвоите печалбата си, на екрана пред вас се показва тесте с обърнати с лице надолу карти. Вашата основна задача е да изберете цвета на картата, която предстои да бъде обърната с лице нагоре. Ако познаете, вашата печалба бързо се удвоява и пред вас стои възможността да продължите да играете и да отгатвате. Загубите ли обаче, цялата печалба се губи и играта се прекратява. 

The slot machine does not offer free spins or bonus levels, apart from the gambling function, another bonus can be considered the Scatter symbol, which pays the amount of your bet. But not only that! Depending on the number of scatter symbols that appear on the screen, the amount is multiplied by different values:

  • With 3 scatter symbols, the sum is multiplied by 2;
  • With 4 scatter symbols, the amount is multiplied by 10;
  • With 5 scatter symbols, the amount is multiplied by 50.

Winning betting strategies at Sizzling Hot

When it comes to slot games, we can’t talk about any huge strategies. However, the key here is the luck and chance of the player who presses the button. That’s why, whether you’re playing for virtual or real money, the best advice you’ll get is to increase your bets smoothly and carefully. Do not throw large sums from the beginning, bet on a lower amount. That way, you don’t run the risk of running out of your initial balance quickly.

Do not despair if you do not win anything for several consecutive sessions and do not have any payouts. Expecting victory from the first time is the worst thing about handling slots. Sizzling Hot and most similar slots are generous when players play longer. Our advice for small bets is the key to a long and winning game.

Mobile version of Sizzling Hot for smartphone and tablet

Like any other modern online slot, Sizzling Hot can be played from a computer and laptop, as well as from portable mobile devices such as phone and tablet. This allows you to rotate the columns and test your luck whenever you feel like doing so. The only condition is that you have a stable enough internet connection. You don’t even have to download additional programs or applications! The game’s graphics are good enough to fit perfectly in the sizes of different sized devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slots often raise interesting questions in players. Described below, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Sizzling Hot.

The game Sizzling Hot was created and distributed by the Austrian gambling company Novomatic, which was established in Austria but is now international.

The slot machine has 5 possible paylines.

The columns, also known as drums, in Sizzling Hot are 5 in number.

The return on Sizzling Hot is 95.66%.

The game exudes the classic feel of a slot machine – the graphics are similar to those of classic casinos, and the main theme is the colorful fruits.

The minimum bet per line is 5 coins.

The maximum amount you can bet on one line is 100 coins.

The biggest win you can get from the game is 500,000 coins.



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