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Rise of Ra

Online casino games are becoming more and more popular, as they provide the same incomparable feeling of adrenaline from the casino, which, however, you can enjoy directly from the comfort of your own home. And when you gain enough experience through the free versions of the games, you can safely start betting real money without relying solely on your luck!

Rise of Ra is a slot game with which you can easily start your gambling experience. The pyramid slot is interesting and easy to understand, especially when you are already aware of the information we will share in the following lines!

Rules of the game Rise of Ra

The slot game is not difficult once you understand its principle of operation. You must first determine your diamond bet, which can be any number between 1 and 60. There are also quick bet buttons on 15, 30, 75, 150 and 300 diamonds. The minimum if you play on all lines is 15 diamonds, and the maximum is 900. The smaller the number of lines you play, the smaller your bet and, consequently, your chances of winning. If you choose to take a risk and play on all 15 lines, your bet is multiplied by 15! Keep in mind that if you have a current bet, such as 2 diamonds, and press the number 15 on the hotkeys, your bet will be 30 diamonds. Next to the betting buttons are those for controlling the sound, picture and additional information if you need it. Once you’re done with your bet, just hit “Start”!

Rise of Ra is a slot game owned by Euro Games Technology (EGT), which is based on Egyptian mythology. It successfully combines an interesting and fascinating story, good design and chances for big winnings, which is why it is so popular among both more advanced and beginners in online casino games. Rise of Ra will successfully transport you to Ancient Egypt just by pressing the button to start the game, and the many mythological symbols and its name, derived from their sun god – Ra, will give even more authenticity to the atmosphere! The extra bonus levels, the growing jackpot and the interesting symbols are just some of the positive aspects that Rise of Ra brings to the players!

The most frequently asked question in any game is “What could be the payoff?”. In Rise of Ra, the maximum amount you can win is 10,000 diamonds. The large number of lines in the game completely hides the possibility of making bigger winnings. Like other games in the field, finding three identical “wild” symbols (in this case – scarab) gives you the right to free spins. In Rise of Ra, however, their number is 15, and all winnings from bonus spins are multiplied by three! And if your winning line contains a scarab, your amount will be doubled! The biggest winnings are 5 wild symbols, and the next largest prize is 5 scatter symbols. Winning lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You can win 7,500 diamonds if you drop the scatter symbol five times, regardless of position.

Experience with the free versions of Rise of Ra can significantly help you secure your winnings when it comes time to bet real money. Of course, luck plays a big role in gambling, but when you have an idea of how the mechanism of the game works and you have your own strategy, you can play and bet much more calmly. A key step in making real profits and gaining positive emotions from gambling is choosing the right online casino.

Don’t rush to choose the first online casino you come across if you already feel experienced enough to bet real money. Examine the alternatives carefully, as most offer various prizes and initial bonuses to take advantage of when taking your first steps in online gambling. And if you switch from our free demo version to gambling, efbet, WinBet, Palms bet or other time-proven online casinos may be the right choice for you!

Types of characters in the game Rise of Ra

The main symbols you will see in the game are ancient Egyptian artifacts – vases, murals, treasures. An integral part, of course, is the scarab, which plays the role of a “wild” symbol, replacing all the missing ones in the line. The “Scatter” symbol is the less common obelisk. Other symbols of Egyptian mythology that you will come across while playing Rise of Ra are Cleopatra, Pharaoh Ra, Anubis, cross, Phoenix, scepter and scepter, jar, golden mask, eye and mural.

Bonuses in the slot game Rise of Ra

One of the advantages of the game, after the free spins with 3 scatter symbols, is the bonus level “Mystery of the jackpot cards”, in which you can win if you turn over three cards of the same suit out of a total of twelve. The size of the prize depends on the color, and the levels are arranged in the following order: spatia, diamond, bowl, spade. Here comes the opportunity to double your profits, but also the risk of losing everything if you make a mistake.

You can take advantage of the extra bet option that the game offers after each win. Then the “Gamble” button will be activated in the lower right corner. Now is the time to decide whether to keep playing or take the amount you have won so far without risking it.

Winning betting strategies in Rise of Ra

Now that you have gained the necessary experience and know how the game works thanks to the free versions of Rise of Ra, it’s time to take your skills and luck and make real winnings! We at Kazino Igri advise you to take advantage of all the bonuses that the game offers you. The “Gamble” option, as well as the “Mystery of jackpot cards” level, can increase your winnings several times.

The return rate of the game is high, which can further secure your bet. Bet a large number of diamonds at the risk level, as there is a real possibility to multiply their number several times! In the card game you can win four times – once on each level! So do not miss any of the opportunities that Rise of Ra offers you if you want to make the most profit!

Mobile version of Rise of Ra for smartphone and tablet

You don’t have to have a desktop or laptop to play Rise of Ra. You can take advantage of your free time without having to install special software or make additional registrations, and feel free to play your favorite version of the game. With us, on the site of Kazino Igri, you will find a free demo version that you can learn directly from your smartphone or tablet without losing the quality of its picture or sound. In this way you will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of the principle of operation of Rice of Ra and you will be ready to move on to the next step – betting real money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Rise of Ra is owned by EGT (Euro Games Technology).

Rise of Ra has 15 lines.

There are 5 columns in the game.

The return is 95.97%.

The game is based on the pyramids and Egyptian mythology.

You can bet at least 1 diamond.

The maximum bet per line is 60 diamonds.

The biggest gain is 10,000 diamonds.



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