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Flaming Hot Extreme

It is no coincidence that online casino games are becoming increasingly popular among gamblers. The feeling of adrenaline and unpredictability that they create in the players is even addictive! The convenience of placing bets from the comfort of your own home is incomparable! You should not ignore the fact that there is a much greater variety of games on the Internet than the casino, where you can play and try your luck and skills.

And if you’ve never played such games before and want to give it a try, the Flaming Hot Extreme slot is the perfect option for your first steps in gambling! Touch the adrenaline and feel its addictive taste directly from the comfort of your home!

Rules of the game Flaming Hot Extreme

The aim of the game is to hit as many identical symbols as possible, which guarantees you a bigger profit. With each successful round it is possible to double the winnings in the next. The fruit slot is one of the classic symbols and a basic association that pops into most people’s minds when they hear the word “casino”. The dark red background makes it easier to spot the symbols, and the numbers 1, 10, 20 and 40, which you will notice on the left, are the paylines. The game is fixed and you can’t choose any of the smaller numbers to play with. At the top you will see all four basic card colors: spades, diamonds, bowls and spades. Among them is your progressive jackpot, which increases depending on the duration of your game.

At the bottom are the amounts from which you can choose which to bet on – 40, 80, 200, 400 and 800. The moment you press the bet you have chosen, the slot machine rotates automatically. On the right you will notice a box that shows your last win, and from there you can choose whether to continue playing or stop here and take the amount won. Only for combinations formed from left to right can winnings be paid out. The orange button offers the “autoplay” option, in which the game becomes automatic, and you are only required to start and stop it. The light green button gives you the ability to zoom in full screen, the dark green controls the volume, and the purple button provides additional information about the game.

To win, you need to have three identical symbols, and the size of your winnings also depends on the size of the bet.

The Flaming Hot Extreme slot, created by Euro Games Technology, is not so popular in the field of casino games, but lately it is attracting more and more players. This is probably due to the fact that the game offers many bonuses, which you will find out in the following lines!

The mechanism of the game is as easy as possible – it consists of 4 reels with 5 symbols in each, with a total of 40 lines. Depending on how many identical symbols you hit, the winnings can be different. The symbols represent fruits, a gold bar, the number “7” and other bonuses. Flaming Hot Extreme is actually an improved version of the Flaming Hot game, to which more additional rounds and spins have been added.

In addition to winning up to 10,000 diamonds, playing Flaming Hot Extreme, you can win free spins and up to 30 games, as well as rollover options. Usually it is the free spins that have the greatest chance of unexpected winnings! In addition, the slot is connected to Mystery Jackpot Cards – a network of its manufacturer EGT, thanks to which you can win one of the four huge prizes! You never know what luck will bring you while the symbols of the game are spinning!

There are various free demos of Flaming Hot Extreme in the free internet. Of course, it is advisable to play them first until you understand the principle of the slot machine and get used to playing. However, there is no way to win real money with demo games, so we recommend you try your luck and win real prizes when you feel ready for it! Remember that the slot has a large number of lines – 40! And the more they are, the greater the chance of winning!

Never trust the first online casino site you find! Once you’ve decided you’re ready to move from the free demo to the real money game, explore the various options. Many online casinos offer new player bonuses, free spins or other prizes and bonuses. With us, on the Kazino Igri website, you can play the Flaming Hot Extreme entertainment slot for free until you get an idea of ​​the game’s mechanism and build your strategy. Once you feel ready to bet real money, you can trust one of the biggest online casinos, including Bwin, WinBet, Palms Bet and others! They offer different amounts for the initial bonus, which you can take advantage of in your first steps in the real game. Trust only proven names in the field to enjoy the gambling experience to the fullest!

Types of characters in the game Flaming Hot Extreme

The main symbols you will see while playing the slot are fruits. They are represented by cherries, oranges, apples, bananas, grapes and watermelon. There can be no such game of chance without the presence of a gold bar or the number “7”, so these two symbols complement the above fruits. There is also a scatter in the game, which replaces the missing symbol.

Bonuses in the Flaming Hot Extreme slot

The game Flaming Hot Extreme offers many different bonuses, and cash prizes are not even the most interesting part of them. You already know that the “Extreme” version of Flaming Hot has added an extra number of free spins, free games and reversals. The biggest winnings usually happen with free spins, from which the game is gaining more and more popularity. Options like Jackpot, Respins, Retrigger and Sticky Symbols are just some of the bonuses the game offers!

The bonus function “Gamble” gives you extra adrenaline, and after each victory you can guess whether the next face up card will be black or red. It is possible to know several times, but if you make a mistake, you will lose the profit from previous known attempts.

At the end of the game you have the opportunity to choose from 12 face up cards until you find three of the same. You will then be paid the winnings that match the color of the card at the top of the game panel.

Winning betting strategies in Flaming Hot Extreme

Luck is really the main factor that determines your winnings in the game Flaming Hot Extreme. But you can significantly increase it by gaining enough experience and practice in free demos where you do not bet real money. In this way you will get used to the principles, subtleties and strategies in gambling and you will be able to bet the amount you want.

On our site you can try your luck, once you are already aware in theory with the mechanism of Flaming Hot Extreme, and build your strategy in practice. In addition, there are many different versions of the game, among which you can choose your favorite and gain the necessary experience before making real bets. But here you need to research well the online casino you want to play at. Stay with us to find out why!

It is good to know that the more profitable symbols are bananas and watermelon, which offer 10, 80 and 200 diamonds. And cherries, grapes, apples and oranges – only 5, 40 and 100. The gold bar offers more – 20, 100 and 300 diamonds, and the week – 5, 40, 200 and 1000 for three, four or five identical symbols, but with a minimum bet 40! The winnings can be even higher if you are lucky enough to fall for the special symbol “The scatter”.

One of the biggest bonuses in the game is “Wild”, which appears in columns 2, 3 and 4 and replaces all the missing symbols for your winning combination (but without “Scatter”). Scatter is actually the gold bar and if you are lucky enough to fall three, four or five times, you will receive 80, 400 and 2000 diamonds respectively against the minimum bet and more than 40,000 at the maximum! The presence of free spins also depends on this symbol – another main bonus of the game. If you fall for three or four bars, you can take advantage of the bonus of turning the columns in which it is missing, and thus gain even greater profits! Once you get five bars or the number of spins is over, it’s time for free spins. They are 10 for three bars, 20 for four and 30 for five.

When you are familiar with the meaning, power and principles of the game and each symbol in itself, it is much easier and more likely to increase your winnings than if you rely only on your luck!

Mobile version of Flaming Hot Extreme for smartphone and tablet

There are many versions of the game on the Internet, so you have a great choice until you find one you like. Varieties of Flaming Hot Extreme are also available in the form of a smartphone or tablet application, thus you will gain an idea and a habit of your own style of play and you will build a winning strategy. When the game is in your device through its mobile version, you can diversify your daily life anywhere and anytime, exploring its intricacies. Then you will be well enough prepared to move on to the next step!

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any game, Flaming Hot Extreme raises various questions. Now we, from Kazino Igri, will answer you in a few words to the most frequently asked questions.

The manufacturer of Flaming Hot Extreme is EGT – Euro Games Technology. The company is one of the leading names in the creation and delivery of casino games and slots and launched the slot on the market in 2014.

The game Flaming Hot Extreme has 40 lines.

There are 5 columns in Flaming Hot Extreme.

The return is estimated to be almost 96%.

The theme of the slot is the fruit, but the symbols on the gold bar and the number “7” have been added to them.

The minimum bet per line is 1 diamond.

The maximum bet per line is 20 diamonds.

The biggest amount you can win is 10,000.



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