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Gambling is a common pastime with which you can make money. The 40 Super Hot slot game has become the most played of all slots. Therefore, for all its big fans, it has an amazing sequel – 40 Super Hot. Here the paylines are doubled compared to the original slot game and, as you might guess, are as many as 40.

Here we will introduce you to 40 Super Hot, what are the conditions and rules of the game, if you have not played its prototype and do not know the principle. This is a short guide that will introduce you to everything you need to know to play with ease and learn to win. Let’s start!

Rules of the game 40 Super Hot

As with the 20 Super Hot, the 40 Super Hot has several buttons to choose from, but with doubled values – 40, 80, 200, 400 and 800. The lowest bet is again 1 diamond, and the highest – 60 diamonds.

Once you select and place your bet, the reels start spinning, after which you will see what combination of fruit symbols will appear. You are likely to win nothing, but quite often you get paylines. The blue “i” button at the bottom left of the screen can show you what winning combinations of symbols there are and what their value is. In this section the different winnings for 3, 4 and 5 symbol matches on one line are separated. In the help menu you will get acquainted with the bonuses, as well as the location of the winning lines.

As already mentioned, 40 Super Hot is a slot game that has an online version, which is an improved version of 20 Super Hot. It has 5 columns, also called rotating drums. On each drum there are 3 visible positions with different fruit-symbols: orange, lemon, plum, cherry, watermelon and grape. In them we meet 40 winning lines, and when you turn, you get combinations of them, which bring various cash prizes. In addition to them, both in the 20 Super Hot game and in the 40 Super Hot, there are 2 special symbols – a star playing the role of a scatterbrain, and the wild symbol – Red Week (7), known among all betting enthusiasts.

Winnings in the 40 Super Hot slot game vary depending on the bet you bet on. It is also very important what winning lines you make while playing. Some fruit combinations have more successful lines, but there is not as good a profit from them at the expense of others, where the opposite trend is observed. Special symbols bring the most profit. Of course, with the additional option, with which you can double or triple your bet, you can accumulate significantly faster and more revenue.

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Types of characters in the game 40 Super Hot

Both the 20 Super Hot slot game and the 40 Super Hot slot feature 6 fruit and 2 other important symbols, through whose winning combinations of lines you can win. Let’s remember who they are:

  • Cherries, lemons, oranges – often give winning lines, but you earn much less from them;
  • Watermelons, plums – these fruits give much less profitable lines, but you earn more from them than cherries, lemons and oranges;
  • Grapes – the strongest of all fruits in the game, with the highest winnings;
  • Scatter – from English scatter; it replaces all other symbols appearing when the drums are spinning;
  • Wild symbol – from the English wild; it also replaces missing symbols in the columns, but with the exception of the scatter.

Bonuses in the 40 Super Hot slot game

40 Super Hot also gives you a bonus level, which gives you the opportunity to double what you have won so far. It is an additional option in which you need to guess the color of the cards arranged in a row. Here the principle of betting is “double or nothing”, ie if you do not know the color of all the cards in the row, you lose everything won by the last bet. This is an easy and fast way to accumulate larger amounts, but also to have fun while earning.

In addition to the standard bonus, you can also take advantage of the Mystery of the Jackpot add-on. Through it you have the opportunity to guess 3 cards of the same color. You can take advantage of this jackpot for all four colors – spatula, diamond, bowl and spade, and the winning amounts are written on the slot machine itself. You will be able to choose from 12 face-down cards and you will be able to open only 3 of them, which must be the same. Depending on whether you know it or not, you can win marks according to the color of the guessed jackpot cards.

Winning betting strategies in 40 Super Hot

Our advice is to always join the bonus option for doubling, because the game does not give you many opportunities to improve your balance. In 40 Super Hot the potential for maximum profits is low, so it is best to try short series and stop when you receive several amounts with low or medium credits. If you follow this recommendation, it is very likely that you will accumulate a considerable amount in a series of several consecutive games. However, if you are trying to win good prizes in just one game, you need a reserve of at least 300 bets.

Mobile version of 40 Super Hot for smartphone and tablet

The online 40 Super Hot slot machine can be easily opened via mobile devices – smartphones or tablets running different operating systems, such as iOS, Android or Windows. The game uses HTML5 and you do not need to download software, such as Flash Player, to play on a mobile device. 40 Super Hot is well adapted and you can enjoy good enough graphics and sound, whether you use a smartphone or tablet, and the resolution is adjusted to the size of the display on which you opened the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that there are other questions that excite you, so we have prepared the ones that are most often asked by our users:

The manufacturer of 20 Super Hot is EGT Interactive. This is a Bulgarian company with many years of experience and an international license.

40 Super Hot has 40 lines, as the name of the game suggests.

There are 5 columns in the game, each with 3 visible positions.

The return on 40 Super Hot can reach 95.8%.

The theme of the casino game 40 Super Hot is with fruits – lemons, oranges, plums, cherries, watermelon and grapes.

The smallest bet is 40 – 1 per line.

The biggest bet is 800 – 20 per line.

The maximum payout for the 40 Super Hot online slot machine reaches 20,000.



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