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Casino games have long been a fun way to make extra money. Rotary games are very easy and affordable as a rule and 40 Burning Hot is no exception. It is a variant of the standard Burning Hot, and here the slot game has 40 lines available, instead of the classic 5, as in its original version. The lines in 40 Burning Hot are significantly more, but the drums are unchanged – five.

You can start 40 Burning Hot by choosing what the first bet will be. This is done through the dedicated buttons at the bottom of the screen, where the online slot machine is positioned. There are 5 different amounts to choose from – 40, 80, 200, 400, 800. By clicking on the bet, the game starts by turning the reels of the 40 Burning Hot slot game. The value of each bet can be different, but if you have chosen to play automatically, you need to stop spinning and choose a new amount.

You can win from 40 lines or win nothing. When you win, a bonus level appears, which you can enter at will via the button at the bottom right below the main screen to double the amount received. As with other slots, here you need to guess the color of the selected card to win possibly double the amount, otherwise you lose the current profit.

As mentioned, 40 Burning Hot is one of the popular slot games that can be found in real casino halls. You can play it on a slot machine, and now that the Internet offers endless possibilities, you can have fun with it outside the physical gaming halls.

We have already told you that 40 Burning Hot has 40 lines. The drums are standard 5. The theme is, as with most slots, fruit. Lemons, oranges, plums, cherries, grapes and watermelons, well known from other slot games, also play a major role in the fun here, but there are some unusual symbols, such as bell, dollar and clover, that you will soon find out. This fresh and simple design always creates a mood, and with the scatter and wild symbols you earn even more.

The winnings in the game depend a lot on the bet, but also on the luck you have. The return is quite high and you still have a chance to run out of the amounts you started with, so you have to play smart. It is also important what and how many combinations you make. The more there are with better paid symbols, the more you earn in 40 Burning Hot. Scatter symbols will help you make combinations easier because they can replace the symbols you need to complete.

At you can practice and develop your gambling skills until you gain enough experience and understand the intricacies of the game 40 Burning Hot. A free demo version has been uploaded on the site, through which you will be able to play as long as you feel confident in your success for real money. If you want to gamble with real amounts from your wallet, you have a wide enough selection of online casinos, some of which also offer physically existing places in Bulgaria where you can play and gamble on your favorite games.

All online casinos in the country with a license that gives permission to conduct gambling activities in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria offer the slot game 40 Burning Hot: Winbet, Palms bet, Bet365, BWIN, Pokerstars. You can practice in advance and completely free at Kazino igri before you start playing for real money. You can find many more gambling games on the Casino Games website.

Types of characters in the game 40 Burning Hot

And in 40 Burning Hot, as in other online slot games, there are quite familiar symbols, but some different ones. Let’s see who they are:

  • Lemons, oranges, plums, cherries – you will come across them most often while playing, but you will also receive low profits from them;
  • Bells – this symbol is only found in Burning Hot games and 40 Burning Hot is no exception; he encounters an idea less often, but it is also a little better paid than the above-mentioned symbols;
  • Watermelon, grapes – in 40 Burning Hot these symbols have an equal frequency of occurrence and value; of the fruit symbols are the rarest and the best paid;
  • Week (7) – here the week does not play the role of a skater, but it pays off quite generously, best of all other non-skater symbols; on the other hand, it falls much less often than them;
  • Dollar, star – these are the two scatter symbols, and the better paid of the two is the dollar;
  • Four-leaf clover – the wild symbol in the 40 Burning Hot slot game; can replace all symbols except the scatter symbols.

Bonuses in the 40 Burning Hot slot game

The bonuses that you can find in the 40 Burning Hot slot game are common to all EGT slot games. The last amount you win, you can bet in the bonus level and guess whether the card is black or red. If you manage to guess all the cards in the row, it will bring you double the amount, but if you lose, the entire value of the winnings will be taken away from you.

Another important bonus in 40 Burning Hot is the progressive jackpot. It is divided into four levels, which are for the four colors of the cards. To have a chance to win one of the jackpots, you need to guess 3 out of 12 cards face down, each suit corresponding to the corresponding amount.

Winning betting strategies in 40 Burning Hot

There is no way to have a strategy that guarantees 100% that you will win, but the return on the game (RTP) is extremely high – as much as 95.93%. If you bet bigger amounts, then you could possibly get bigger profits. You must, of course, be careful and bet in a balanced way, not to overdo high bets, because you can lose everything very quickly if you enter a losing streak.

Bonus rounds are another way to increase your winnings. Doubling your winnings is easy, as long as you guess the colors of the upcoming card series, and the additional mysterious bonus offers several jackpots if you manage to turn 3 identical cards of the corresponding suit. Knowing all this, it is very easy to come up with your own strategy and way to play. If you use the smaller winning series, for example, to participate in the bonus levels, you can quickly accumulate an enviable amount.

Mobile version of 40 Burning Hot for smartphone and tablet

Although 40 Burning Hot is from the older generation of slots, it also offers a modern design that allows you to play safely from a smartphone or tablet. The slot will adapt to the display of the device you have chosen, all you need is Flash Player, which can be downloaded completely free from the Internet. Your device also needs to run Windows, iOS or Android. An internet connection is a must, of course.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven’t explained everything, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

The manufacturer of 40 Burning Hot is EGT Interactive. This is a Bulgarian company with many years of experience and an international license.

40 Burning Hot has 40 lines.

There are 5 columns in the game.

The return on the game is 95.93%.

The theme in 40 Burning Hot is fruity.

The smallest bet is 40.

The biggest bet is 800.

The maximum profit is 240,000.



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