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30 Summer Bliss

Slots are one of the most classic and popular games in the world of casino adventure. With them, almost nothing depends on the player, everything depends on fate and his luck. The risk raises the adrenaline. This makes the slots intriguing both for players who are just immersed in such games and for players who have already experienced the excitement of the unknown and unpredictable.

Video slots are games specifically designed for people who want to raise the adrenaline without leaving the comfort of their own home. 30 Summer Bliss is the new and improved version of the well-known game Summer Bliss. If you want to virtually move to a sunny island that can bring you a lot of profits, this is your game.

Rules of the game 30 Summer Bliss

The rules of the game are simple and familiar to all who are fans of slots. The goal is to hit as many symbols as possible with one bet. The game then automatically calculates the number of characters by comparing them to the pre-set thirty lines. You can see how the lines are arranged by clicking on the small blue button in the lower right corner, where the letter “i” is written.

Winnings are always paid out from left to right, multiplied by the bet multiplier. It is important to know that the winnings are paid out after the conversion of the bonus symbols into the so-called “wild” characters. The demo version of 30 Summer Bliss gives you an initial balance of 5,000 diamonds. You have the opportunity to place bets, and each bet can be within 40, 80, 200, 400 or 800 diamonds.

When you hit a certain payout, there are three paths you can take – to try to double your winnings, to place the next bet and turn the symbols, or to stop the game. The doubling option is one of the bonuses of the game. It allows you to double your winnings on a gambling basis. Playing cards are displayed on the screen and your task is to determine the color of the next card that will appear. If you guess, congratulations, you will double your winnings. You have 5 experiences in which you can do it. Keep in mind, however, that if you make a mistake, the attempts stop and you lose all the profit! If you choose to continue the game with the next bet, you will see the last win in the lower right corner, but you will not be able to try to double it.

30 Summer Bliss – beach, tropical atmosphere, flashing lights and interesting graphic elements that undoubtedly catch the eye of every player. That’s how we would describe this slot machine.

Unlike its predecessor Summer Bliss, the new and improved version gives you 30 paylines that hide all opportunities for winnings. It all depends on how your luck will arrange the symbols. The beach theme is perfect for the summer season and sunny hot days, and the special symbols hidden in the game will undoubtedly bring a smile to your faces.

The game provides many bonuses that allow you to increase the value of your winnings. The option to double the winnings can be the key to multiplying the amount won. The maximum amount you can win from 30 Summer Bliss is 6,000 bets per line.

The more you play the demo version of 30 Summer Bliss, the more you will want to start playing for real money. Remember that demos do not involve playing with real bets. This means that all bets you make and all winnings you generate are entirely virtual and will not be paid out. To switch to a real money betting game, you need to register on an online betting site.

Once you get used to the rules of the game, chances are you’ll want to try your luck with real money. The most important rule to remember, however, is that you should always play on licensed online gambling sites. These are Winbet, Efbet, Palms Bet and Bwin. They will not only provide you with a quality and unforgettable experience, but will also provide you with a generous initial bonus.

Types of symbols in the game 30 Summer Bliss

The creators of the game have tried to make it as interesting, colorful and dynamic as possible. This is the reason why in 30 Bliss Summer you find a variety of symbols:

  • Letter symbols – Letters have different meanings. The main letters that are found in the game are A, K, J and Q;
  • Symbols of numbers – The numbers 9 and 10 are also among the symbols that spin tirelessly;
  • Starfish, yacht and cocktail symbols – Three different symbols, each with a higher profit;
  • Wild Symbol Surfer – Replaces all symbols, making it easier to create winning combinations;
  • Scatter symbol big wave – These symbols are the most important in the game because they start bonus games.

Women’s symbols – Can bring profits. When you play a random bonus game, turn into Wild symbols.

Slot Bonuses 30 Summer Bliss

30 Summer Bliss is a game that gives you a variety of interesting bonuses. The first bonus you are already familiar with is the ability to double the prize won in this round.

If your luck smiles when you turn and manages to nail 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols, then you get a prize – 12 free games with a multiplier of 2. This also unlocks the Wild function of the symbols of the two beautiful women. This allows you to quickly increase your profits. When you enter the bonus mode, depending on how many scatter symbols have unlocked it, some of the other symbols are removed, improving your chances:

  • 3 scatter symbols – Symbols 9 and 10 are removed;
  • 4 scatter symbols – The symbols 9, 10, J and Q are removed;
  • 5 scatter symbols – The symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A are removed.

In addition, the game is part of the Jackpot Cards – an additional bonus game that starts randomly and can bring you even more attractive winnings. In this bonus game you have 12 face down cards in front of you. You start choosing and the game continues until you draw 3 cards of the same suit. The winnings are determined by equaling the amount accumulated up to the moment of turning over the last matching card.

Winning betting strategies at 30 Summer Bliss

30 Summer Bliss is a game based on the principle of slots. The key thing for them is that they are not related to creating strategies, but rely entirely on the luck of the player. What characters will fall is a completely random process that is controlled by a computer.

That’s why the most important thing is not to throw big bets directly. Start with smaller bets and test your luck. The moment you see your luck smiling, you can gradually increase your bet. But don’t forget when to stop with big bets. 30 Summer Bliss is a pleasant and casual game that can bring you a lot of profits, but like any other gambling game, it can cause losses and mixed feelings.

This is why we advise you to start with the free demo version first, and only when you feel ready to switch to betting real money. And always remember that the best decision you can make is to trust a licensed casino.

Mobile version of 30 Summer Bliss for smartphone and tablet

30 Summer Bliss is an optimized and improved version of the game Summer Bliss. Due to this, it is designed and suitable for playing on different types of devices with different screens and resolutions. This allows you to play and test your chances at any time, no matter where you are. The only condition is to have a stable internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with anything, additional questions may arise with this game. To give you even more information, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions in one place.

The manufacturer of the game is the fast-growing company EGT. The game was released in May 2021.

30 Summer Bliss has as many as 30 fixed lines, thus providing a better chance of winning.

The columns that the game has are 5.

The return on 30 Summer Bliss is 96.05% – a normal value for this type of slot.

The theme of 30 Summer Bliss is related to summer mood, breeze and sun. The visualization on the screen shows a beach illuminated by the sun’s rays and reefs depicting surfboards and sea waves.

The minimum value of a bet is BGN 0.50.

The maximum amount you can bet is BGN 1,000.

The top payout you can win from the game is 6,000 times the bet per line.



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