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Gambling has never been closer to you. Online casino games are designed with the idea that you can gamble and win without even leaving the comfort of your own home. What is victory – pure luck or a string of strategic skills? The truth is that the more you play, the better you get an idea of the mechanism of the game and how to emerge victorious in most cases.

An example of an online casino game with which you can test your luck is the 20 Golden Coins slot machine. The fruits are spinning and you are accumulating investments without having to get up from the couch. What’s better than that?

Rules of the game 20 Golden Coins

Like any other slot machine, with 20 Golden Coins the goal is to hit as many symbols as possible. Winnings are calculated following certain lines pre-set in the game instructions. They are always paid from left to right. The only exceptions are the winnings from the bonus symbols and the scatter winnings. Skater wins are assigned to those on the lines.

What the real value of the winnings will be really depends on the preliminary bet you have placed. The demo version gives you several fixed bets to choose from – 20, 40, 100, 200 and 400 diamonds. To calculate the final win, the winnings from the lines are multiplied by the bet not the winning line. However, the scatter gains are multiplied by the total bet.

After each win, you have three options – to stop the game, place the next bet, or try to double the winnings already received. If you choose the third option, a new window will open in front of you, showing you playing cards. Your task is to guess what color card will be displayed on the screen by specifying red or red. If you guess the color correctly, you can be happy, because your profit will be doubled. However, in case of a wrong attempt, all the winnings are lost and the game starts all over again.

20 Golden Coins is a completely new game developed by the Bulgarian company EGT Interactive. In essence, the game is based on the principle of well-known to all slots. Colorful details, flashing lights, attractive and dynamic sounds come together in a virtual slot with 5 reels (columns).

The game gives you as many as 20 paylines, which can bring you a variety of winnings depending on the type and number of characters you fall for. The themes of the game are various, detailed fruits that can bring you tempting rewards.

Winnings with 20 Golden Coins can exceed all your ideas! The game’s jackpot is a bet multiplied by a thousand. Given the amounts that can be wagered if you manage to hit the jackpot, the winnings you will receive would be more than satisfactory.

In addition, the game gives you the option to double your winnings. And this gives you great and enviable opportunities to develop the eventual profit – as long as you know the color of the card correctly.

Before you start betting for real money, you can enjoy the free version of the game. You can play in it as much as you want, while learning all the specifics and rules that you need to know well. Of course, with the free version, in which you do not bet money, you should not expect that what you win will be paid off. This only happens when you start betting real money. When you feel ready to move on to the next stage, you already need a licensed online casino to bet on.

The natural cycle of things shows that once people get used to the free demo version of the game, they are usually ready to start betting. You can find a demo version of the game both on the Kazino Igri website and on other free sites. However, when it comes to real money betting, you need to carefully explore all your options. Trust a proven online casino that will also offer you an attractive starting bonus. Such casinos are Palms Bet, Efbet, Winbet and Bwin. You will also find access to them through our website.

Types of characters in the game 20 Golden Coins

In addition to the game-themed fruits, 20 Golden Coins contains several well-known slot machine symbols. These are the golden week, known among fans of this type of games as “the wild symbol”, the gold coin and the golden pig.

Slot Bonuses 20 Golden Coins

The opportunity to bet all your winnings to double it is the most distinctive bonus of 20 Golden Coins. And the extra symbols are the other popular bonus that the game provides. The week, or the crazy symbol that replaces all symbols except the scatter, the gold coin and the golden piglet gives you an extra chance to win.

The golden pig with the flowering letters “Collect” is another special symbol, appearing only in the 5th reel, which awards the value of all gold coins on the screen. The gold coin can appear on any of the other reels, but it is not paid out unless the golden piglet also appears on the 5th reel.

Winning betting strategies in 20 Golden Coins

Given that the leading factor in this type of game is the chance and luck of the player, the creation and preparation of strategies is much more complicated than in other types of gambling. That’s why it’s important to focus on the free demo version of the game first. This will give you the opportunity to get used to the rules and get an idea of what to expect from this type of game. The main strategy you can follow is to start initially with smaller bets that increase slowly and gradually than the other way around.

Mobile version of 20 Golden Coins for smartphone and tablet

The game is designed to be accessible and played from a variety of devices – computers, laptops, tablets and phones. This allows you to exercise and test your luck for free at any time of the day, regardless of your current location. It is developed using the latest HTML5 technology, which adapts the game depending on the display size of the device you are playing from. The resolution is preserved and in this way you get a quality and pleasant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Kazino Igri have prepared a series of questions that may interest you. Here they are:

The manufacturer of 20 Golden Coins is EGT Interactive – a licensed company that creates online casino games. The game was launched in early 2021.

The game has 20 lines.

20 Golden Coins has 5 columns.

The return is nearly 96%.

The game is based on the prototype of a fruit slot machine, but gold coins, stars and other symbols have been added to it, leading to an unexpected development.

The minimum amount you can bet is BGN 0.20.

The maximum amount you can bet is BGN 40.00.

The maximum profit you can win from the slot machine is the amount bet per line multiplied by a thousand. This means BGN 40,000.



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