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20 линии игра на ротативки Super Hot

20 Super Hot is an online version of the 20 Super Hot slot machine, which is known among casino fans as 20 lines. This type of casino games are one of the most famous among gambling fans, whether they play it online or on the spot in real casino halls that can be visited. Let’s tell you more about the game, its conditions and rules.

Rules of the game 20 Super Hot

You’re probably wondering where and how to start the 20 Super Hot Fruit Casino game. First, you need to choose the bet you want to start with. You can choose from the direct buttons 20, 40, 100, 200 and 400. With them you can increase your bet by 2, 5, 10 and 20. Then the steps are very easy, even if you have no previous experience in slots. The blue credit button can be used when you choose to double or triple your bet. It is good to be careful with it, so as not to spend quickly the amount invested or accumulated from betting.
If you want 20 Super Hot online to place bets for you, you can use the automatic mode button, while watching how you accumulate money from the game. There is also a button for additional information, where you can find out which fruits and according to how many lines of them what profits you receive. You can choose between the option to bet with virtual currency in the form of diamonds or to bet with real money in a licensed casino hall.

20 Super Hot

There are 6 fruit and 2 other important symbols that you need to get acquainted with in order to understand the principle of the game. We mentioned them earlier, and now let’s explain them in more detail:

  • Cherries, lemons, oranges – winning lines of them appear very often, but the profit is relatively low;
  • Watermelons, plums – from these fruits are obtained much less profitable lines, but the profit is higher than cherries, lemons and oranges;
  • Grapes – the strongest of all fruit symbols, as the profit from it is the highest;
  • Scatter – from English scatter; it acts as a substitute for all other symbols appearing on the spinning drums);
  • Wild symbol – from the English wild; it is also a replacement for missing symbols in the columns, but replaces all but the scatter.

20 Super Hot is undoubtedly one of the most played and chosen casino fruit games of all time. There are many reasons for this, among which it is worth mentioning: simple and fresh design of the slot machine; the rules are simple and accessible; the return is high. As much as new gambling has created global leaders in the production of slots, 20 Super Hot is always in demand, and this makes it a classic in gambling.

20 Super Hot има 20 позиции, които могат да са печеливши, като ротативката е 20 Super Hot has 20 positions that can be profitable, and the slot is thematic – with fruit and very easy to understand. 5 rotating drums are used with 3 visible positions from each, which are different fruits: orange, lemon, plum, cherry, watermelon and grape. Apart from them, in the 20 Super Hot slot machine, both online and in a real casino, there is a star, the so-called scatter and the well-known to all slots lovers week (7), which plays the role of a wild symbol.

The winnings in the 20 Super Hot slot game vary depending on the bet you choose. It also matters what paylines are formed during the game. Some fruits form more profitable lines, but are lower paid than others, and special symbols have the highest value. As already mentioned, you can double or triple your bet, no matter how big, in the additional betting option.

All physically existing casinos in the country, but also all sites that have a license that allows them to gamble in the Republic of Bulgaria, offer slot games 20 Super Hot: Winbet, Palms bet, Bet365, BWIN, Pokerstars. You can develop your skills in Kazino igri completely free of charge before starting a real money game. Here you can find many other gambling games.

On the Kazino igri website, you only have the opportunity to practice your skills until you gain enough experience and fully understand how 20 Super Hot works. The site uses a free demo version, through which you will learn the intricacies needed to make a profit with real money. You can choose from enough online casinos, some of which have physical ones in the country. If you do not want to leave the comfort of your home, or you are on the move, you need to fill out a registration form at one of these casinos.

All physically existing casinos in the country, but also all sites that have a license that allows them to gamble in the Republic of Bulgaria, offer slot games 20 Super Hot: Winbet, Palms bet, Bet365, BWIN, Pokerstars. You can develop your skills at completely free of charge before starting a real money game. Here you can find many other gambling games.

Winning betting strategies in 20 Super Hot

There are several ways to earn, as long as you think strategically and are sensible. Here are our tips on how to approach while having fun with 20 Super Hot:

  • It’s good to stick to smaller bets. So even if you lose, you will still have enough to keep betting. Once you have accumulated enough, you can gradually increase your bet by not overdoing the attempts with the maximum allowable bet. You can try your luck for free on the demo version of the 20 Super Hot slot game on the Kazino igri website;
  • Do not bet at any cost when you have won a good amount. This is the fastest way to empty your wallet. Leave some cash for the next time you decide to play;
  • With the bonus option, in which you can double or triple the amount won by the slot, do not bet large amounts. It is recommended to bet on 1, maximum 2 levs.

Mobile version of 20 Super Hot for smartphone and tablet

The 20 Super Hot slot game also has a mobile version for those of you who choose to place bets on the go via a smartphone, or prefer the compact version of the tablet. The Kazino igri site works flawlessly in each of the versions, whether you prefer one or the other.

Bonuses in the 20 Super Hot slot game

Although 20 Super Hot is one of the classic slot games recreated online by traditional casino games, it includes an interesting set of bonuses that promise to bring profits for the money and time invested. Let’s see who they are:

  • Wild substitution;

As mentioned, the wild symbol in the 20 Super Hot online casino game is the week. It replaces all symbols except that of the star, the scatter in the slot machine. Thanks to this replacement, the chances of gambling fans to win more than the resulting combination is greater;

  • Replacement scatter;

The online 20 Super Hot slot machine also has a special symbol – a star that plays the role of a scatter. This symbol activates payments regardless of their position in the columns, unlike other positions in the game. The only drawback, however, is that it does not include free spins, which are quite common in other types of games. However, the combinations are quite high paid;

  • Betting;

In addition to everything we have told you so far, there is also the opportunity to play for double or no winnings with additional betting after turning the 20 Super Hot slot machine. This is a way to quickly double the fun of the game by betting on the color of the card (red or black) to play for double the payout. The chance with this additional reward option is absolutely balanced – 50:50, and this is a great motivation to try.

  • Mysterious jackpot.

Although there are no free spins in the online game 20 Super Hot, the mysterious jackpot compensates for this. It has 4 options – jackpot cards that you receive at random at the end of each session. When activated, the mysterious jackpot in 20 Super Hot provides 12 cards face down. The bettor is required to select cards to turn over and reveal what they are. The first set of 3 cards gives you the corresponding jackpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are curious to learn more, here are the most frequently asked questions:

The manufacturer of 20 Super Hot is EGT Interactive. This is a Bulgarian company with many years of experience and an international license.

20 Super Hot has 20 lines, as the name of the game suggests.

There are 5 columns in the game, each with 3 visible positions.

The return on 20 Super Hot can reach 95.79%

The theme of the casino game 20 Super Hot is with fruits – lemons, oranges, plums, cherries, watermelon and grapes.

The smallest bet is 20 – 1 per line.

The biggest bet is 400 – 20 per line.

The maximum payout for the 20 Super Hot online slot machine reaches 10,000.



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